Why Hiring a Skip Makes it Easier for You!

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Whether you’re renovating a property, moving house, clearing out your office, or simply doing some spring cleaning, you’re more than likely going to have a lot of waste to dispose of. So, what’s the single most efficient and cost effective way to get that done? A way that isn’t remotely harmful to the environment? Hiring a skip is going to save you time and energy, and will ensure the completion of your project with the absolute minimum of fuss.

A cleaner way to save yourself time.

Hiring a skip means distancing yourself from any hazardous waste. It’s going to save you from having to transport any rubbish yourself, or perhaps hire a vehicle in order to do so. Once filled, the skip will be picked up, the waste inside disposed of by trained professionals. In short, have someone else do the worrying for you, so you can concentrate fully on the job in hand.

An easy way to improve safety.

Any renovation or building project is going to mean dealing with a range of different elements: from glass to metal to cement. To have materials like these spread around even a small work-site can cause genuine safety concerns, but the hiring of a skip immediately offsets any such issue. A skip means all manner of waste can be stored safely and securely, and, as such, it will help prevent injury. It also means keeping the work-site clean and organized, and so running more effectively.

Great for the environment.

Hiring a skip means all the waste inside it is sorted and disposed of in the proper and legal way. Having a team of professionals sort through the contents of your skip means you won’t have to worry about recycling. That’ll be taken care of for you, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you’re being as environmentally sound as you need to be.

So, all-in-all, we think you’ll agree the advantages of hiring a skip far outweigh any disadvantages. It’s economical, green, and, ultimately, will free you up, allowing you to focus on completing your project in a timely and efficient manner.


How to reduce waste at home


We are human, we produce and facilitate our waste-lifestyles. However, most of us are not doing much when it comes to reducing waste and taking care of our precious planet. Below are 8 simple things you can do to reduce waste in your home.

1. Be a disciplined recycler

The recycling system may seem complicated from all the symbols, but it is real simple. Do a little research to find out the recycling standards in your area and get into it!

Stay disciplined to your recycling routines. Stay enthusiastic; at the end of the day, it is good for you!

2. No more plastic bags

Use reusable bags, even when shopping in the supermarket. Carry your cloth bag next time you go to buy stuff and always have a few extra cloth bags in your car just in case.

3. Just enough food
Food waste is a big problem in many households. The only way to reduce food waste in your house is by buying groceries that you are sure to eat. Cook just enough food.

4.Reusable containers

Now that you only buy the food you know you will eat, start storing it properly. Proper storage of food extends its life by keeping things fresh for a period of time. Reusable containers especially come in handy after a visit to the market or the whole food section.

5. Give back to earth by making compost

Use your home’s organic waste to make compost. Utilise any extra space or container to begin making compost that you can use to fertilise your kitchen garden.

6. More repair, less discarding

Are you a buy-discard person? Buy a couple of high-quality items and repair them when broken. Instead of having lots of cheap stuff that is more likely to bad than good to the environment.

7. No more unnecessary mail

Reduce the amount of paper waste you produce by cancelling unnecessary mails. Stop unwanted subscriptions and unsolicited junk mail by going online and removing yourself from mailing lists that you no longer need.

8. Quit disposable plates and water bottles

The waste created by paper plates and plastic bottles and utensils is not worth it. Wash the dishes and cut on the plastics. Use durable water bottles and a nice coffee thermos to carry beverages everywhere you go!

‘Britons expected to send 235 million items of clothing to landfill this spring’

In a modern and supposedly progressive age, we are taught to stop filling landfill sites with our unwanted and discarded products and recycle as much as possible. It is therefore, a rather sad statistic that as much as 235 million clothing items from British households, have been predicted to end up merely thrown out with the rest of the rubbish, destined for the very location they should be avoiding. So why is this? Is it laziness? or simply lack of knowledge? In a survey of 2000 people, almost three quarters of those asked, admitted that they had thrown out old clothing, as they didn’t release there was another option. This was especially true if the clothing was either stained, or worn out.

Many of us have had a good clean out of our wardrobes and put aside clothes that are perfectly wearable but either no longer fit us, or are simply something we don’t want to wear anymore. In this instance, it should be quite obvious that the clothing can be reused and either a selling site, or a charity shop is the natural option to head to. Now while there are many of us that choose those options, there are always those that have had a long week, are too busy to visit the charity shop, or simply can’t be bothered to sort their old clothing from the rest of their household rubbish. Just as attitudes towards other recycling, such as glass and packaging has progressed over the years, our outlook on recycling clothing needs to follow suit and quickly.

Sainsbury’s, who commissioned the survey, are teaming up with Oxfam to try and address this issue, by encouraging people to think about where their old clothing ends up and donating to the designated Sainsbury’s collection points, found alongside other recycling bins in their car parks. In doing this, they are joining another retail giant, Marks and Spencer, who already have an agreement with Oxfam by rewarding customers who donate their brand clothing, with a £5 M&S voucher.

With clothes disposal becoming a major problem, more and more retailers are joining to fight to recycle and reuse old items. TK Maxx and Cancer Research UK have also strongly urged people to help with this and the government have setup their own website, ‘Love Your Clothes’, to offer help and advice on this issue.

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What are the benefits of using skip hire services?

Your bins are normally good enough to throw your rubbish into and forget, while they magically get taken away every week! However, what about when you’re having a big clear out, or having construction work done? Then, hire a skip!

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Our Skip hire services are available nationwide and we want to show you some benefits of using one!
Safety First

A great thing about using a skip hire service is that with construction work, or throwing out large piles of junk, there can be dangerous items in the rubbish. Things like broken glass, damaged wood, sharp metal.

While these would be difficult for you to take out, the fine gents that you hire along with your skip are trained and have the right tools needed to deal with objects like these, so you can rest easy about no one getting injured!


One of the fantastic things about hiring a skip is that not only does it save you effort, it saves you time, and in some cases money! With the professionals doing the work, you can sit back and relax and use that time more productively.

We will deal with the problem much quicker and efficiently than you, and then there’s driving the waste to a disposal centre! If they weren’t doing it, you’d have to hire a vehicle, organise all the rubbish and drive it over there yourself and pay for that anyway!

Safer for builders

Building sites can accumulate rubbish very quickly. Having a skip from the beginning of building work keeps the site safe, preventing injury and inefficiencies for people working on your property. This can even save you time!

Environmentally Friendly

We remove rubbish in an environmentally friendly way. This means we not only do it without damaging the environment around your property, but also try to recycle as much of the rubbish as possible and properly dispose of and treat waste.

Sized to you

When you think of skips, you may be thinking of the large ones transported on trucks and the big chains clanging, but did you know they come in sizes less than a tenth of that? If you’re building a small BBQ in your garden, then you can hire a mini size one that’s only a couple of yards long!