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How to Cut Down on Junk Mail

paper recycling


In November of 2011, the UK government unveiled plans to create a website to enable people to cut down on any unwanted junk mail by opting out from receiving it. This streamlines the process a great deal, as before you had to register on three separate sites, or send an application by post.
Remember, when signing up to services, the organisation will sometimes automatically send you junk mail unless you tick a box telling them not to. Ensure that you read all such forms carefully. You can also register with the Royal Mail’s ‘Door-to-door Opt-out’ service, which will stop Royal Mail postmen delivering unwanted mail. Finally, you can contact the organisations that are sending you wanted mail directly, and ask them to stop.

When Do I Need a License for my Skip?



You don’t need a license for a skip that you hire if it is placed on your private property. So, if you have a driveway or a garden that it can be delivered to, then it is best to have it dropped off there. Be careful to make sure that the skip does not extend from your land out on to the pavement, as they are not allowed there.

However, for many people dropping a skip off on the road outside of their home or business premises is the only practical solution. If you are hiring a skip which will be on the public road then you are obliged to obtain a license for it. You need to apply to your local council for this. Remember that the same regulation also relates to so-called skip bags as well as skips themselves. The council may stipulate that you take safety measures such as setting out lamps at night or coning the area off, depending on the type of road.

Top 5 Things to do With Your Old Sofa

old sofa on isolated white background


So your sofa is coming to the end of its long and useful life. Don’t worry, no need to put it down! There are plenty of ways to keep that sofa going.

1. Use it as a trampoline

That’s right! Reclaim your childhood by jumping up and down on your old sofa until your legs are sore. No need to take off your shoes, no one cares what kind of muck that sofa will attract now! After you’ve had your turn, stick it in the garden for the kids to have a go. If you don’t have kids, invite all of the neighbourhood children around. There’s nothing more fulfilling than spreading the joy of a good sofa bounce.

2. Upcycle it

I think we’ve all seen those pictures where people upcycle useless things like pianos or old boat oars into completely useful things like stair banisters or heavy hanging bookcases. Now you can spend your precious time turning your sofa into something equally as useless. Take out the seats and put them in your car for extra cushioning! Cut and construct a unique coffee table out of all the parts!

You can also upcycle it back into a useful sofa by updating the upholstery, creating a unique yet stylish piece for your home without breaking the bank. But really, why on earth would you want to do that?

3. Put googly eyes on it and move the cushions up and down to make it look like it’s talking.

sofa googly eyes


This one is pretty self explanatory.

4. Give it away

This is probably one of the easiest way to deal with a sofa you don’t want. If there’s nothing really wrong with your sofa, give it a quick clean and give it to someone deserving. This can be a good friend who deserves to save a bit of money, a relative who has been dropping hints that they need a new sofa for ages (in that case, maybe don’t even bother giving it a clean) or an elderly neighbour who you see sitting glumly on the floor whenever you venture round there. If you can’t think of anyone to give your sofa to, hand it over to a charity shop. They’ll be happy, you’ll be happy, and the person who eventually gets it will be happy too.

On the other hand, if your sofa is more like the one in this blog post, pawn it off on a person who you know wants a new sofa but doesn’t deserve one (that relative mentioned before can still apply here). Not only does it get rid of your nasty old sofa, but it also makes you look like a good person who is now owed a favour. Nice one!

5. Get rid of it via a trusty skip

Sofa skip


Oh come on, you must have seen this coming a mile away. Yep, skipping away your problems is an easy and cost effective way of getting rid of your junk, sofa included! If none of the other solutions help, this is likely the way to go. Give us a call on 03000 309 978 to get your sofa problem out of the way. We promise to only ask a handful of times if we can have a turn jumping on it.

Is Attic Renovation Right For You?



Do you need more space in your home? If so, an attic renovation could be the answer. It’s a way to give yourself an extra room without building an extension – and will add value when you come to move.

However, not all lofts are suitable for conversion. First off, look in your attic to check what type of rafters you have. Traditional rafters arranged in an A-frame, leaving floor space clear, are ideal. Enough headroom to meet building regulations is another essential.

Flooring is likely to need replacing, to make sure it is strong enough to take the weight of people rather than boxes. Access to the loft area needs to be via stairs rather than a ladder, and you may need new windows, too.

Also, don’t forget to check out the situation with plumbing and wiring for your new room, and ensure your conversion meets fire regulations.