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The Advantages of an Open Floor Plan


An open floor plan allows you to do away with separate rooms for cooking, dining and relaxing. The immediate benefits are increased light and a feeling of spaciousness, but there are also some important social and practical benefits.

We all have busy lives and want to spend as much time as possible enjoying family and friends. With open floor plans, nobody needs to be shut away in the kitchen missing out on the socialising. The cook may find they get more offers of help too!

Many people find they have an under-used room, such as a dining room, which may only be used on special occasions. With open floor plans, you can bring this neglected room into more productive use.

So, if you do opt for having an open floor plan, you can look forward to making the most of your home and of your precious family time.

What to do With Your Old Glass Bottles


Notwithstanding recycling, there are several functional and innovative purposes for used glass bottles.

For example, you can turn a bottle on its side, place a bit of dirt within, and you will have a miniature terrarium by planting a few seeds. Or, slender bottles can make for visually stunning candle holders. If you have a good amount of ambient light in a home, why not place a row of coloured bottles in front of a window to create a truly stunning visual effect?

For those with an even greater sense of creativity, placing a string of Christmas lights within a bottle will make a stunning addition to any room. Planted upside down, bottles are also a unique way to create a border around a garden or footpath. Larger bottles can even make a very real aquarium that is perfect for smaller fish. In fact, a used bottle with even dimensions is a functional alternative to a traditional rolling pin.

So now you have no excuse to chuck your glass bottles out to landfill.

What Colour Should You Paint Your Bathroom?



Bathrooms need to be painted in cool, receding and refreshing colours. Therefore, it is essential to decide what mood you want to create in your bathroom, whilst keeping in mind that some cool colours can often turn some rooms depressing if they do not gain enough natural light.

Using warm colours (red, orange or yellow) may bring an energized, revitalized and contented feeling to the room. Whereas opting for cool colours (blue, green and purple) emanates and advocates a sense of serenity.

You also have to take into consideration the value and intensity of colour when choosing the right mood for your bathroom.

It is important to remember that the best colours are the colours that you personally like – lighter or less colour will make a bathroom feel bigger, whilst a deeper, intense colour will reduce its size. Really, whatever you go for, as long as you like the colour it’s a good decision.

Growth Expected for Construction Waste Recycling



A recent study has concluded that the demand for construction waste recycling will dramatically increase into the near future. This is partially due to incentives and targets that have been put forth in order to limit the amount of waste entering into the environment. Still, we should not overlook the fact that there is only a limited availability of landfills and other traditional disposal methods.

There is also a business side to the projected boom in waste recycling. As many governments are catering to a ‘green’ approach, industries that have stakes in the recycling industry are expected to do considerably well. In simpler terms, economics is another driving force behind this shift.

There is also the very real logistical problem of sorting, handling and transporting vast amounts of material to a designated site. So, it is beginning to make sense for companies to embrace recycling over traditional dumping and disposal techniques.