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Is it Worth Getting a Conservatory?



A conservatory can be a great addition to your house, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into before you undertake such a large renovation project. Many people opt for conservatories because it’s a way to get more living space without the stress and cost of moving. Whether or not a conservatory is a worthwhile project for you will largely depend on the space you have to work with. If you have to build over your entire garden, you might be actually reducing the value of your house. And you need to calculate hidden costs, such as increased heating bills in winter.

With that said, a conservatory will generally increase the value of your home far in excess of what it costs. Conservatories bring your house closer to the garden and nature, and add a great ambiance to your house, not to mention all that extra space. A conservatory can be an extremely rewarding project if you plan the addition well.

When You Know It’s Time to Order Yourself a Skip

Skip time

Home renovation projects can be a messy affair, especially if you are demolishing interior walls or knocking down any part of your house. In cases like this the rubble can quickly mount up and become overwhelming, and the best way to deal with it is to hire a skip. Skips come in different sizes depending on how much rubble you need to get rid of, and the skip hire company will handle the logistics of disposal, taking a weight off your mind.

After making the decision to hire a skip, you will need to make sure there is enough space for the skip to be placed on or near your property. You can place a skip in your driveway or on the roadside, but you may need to apply for a permit. Your skip hire company can likely help you with this and any other issues you might have. Utilising a skip requires that you plan ahead, but it’s a great way to make your renovation easier.

What to do With The Spare Room?

Painting of an empty wall. Renovation home. 3D illustration


Traditionally a spare room has been used as an office or general dumping ground. However with a bit of thought – and minimal outlay – you can create a great space to indulge any hobby or requirement you need.

A good example is a music room. Whether it’s to while away the hours tinkering at the piano or letting the kids get to grips with their first instruments, this can be a place for everyone to enjoy. If you are after something a little quieter, why not create a reading room – fill it with books and spend hours relaxing in comfort. For the ultimate treat, create a home spa or relaxation space, filled with delightful scents, masses of cushions, and soft music. Finally, why not unleash your inner artist with your own studio – create and enjoy your art and just let your imagination flow.



New Data Shows Wales Hit its Target 54% Recycling Rate for 2013

Welsh recycle


Wales was set a tough challenge of recycling 52% of its waste by the year 2012-2013. This target was in line with the EU Landfill Directive which aims to reduce the levels of methane given off by landfill sites in all member states. Recently published statistics show Wales has achieved an impressive recycling rate of 54%.

The 54% statistic refers to household recycling, and this is a rise of 2% on the previous year. It is great to hear that the total waste from councils and homes also decreased over the same period. Drilling down into the figures, we learn that from October to December 2013, the non-recycled waste per person in Wales was 51 kilos. Given that Wales is the best recycling country in the UK, how much more are the rest of us producing?

Well done Wales; now on to the 2024-2025 target of recycling 70% of waste.