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6 Ideas to Keep in Mind When Renovating a Small Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation

While a kitchen may very well be one of the most functional areas of your home, you could find that you wish to redesign a small space to increase its efficiency. This is often easier said than done, as you will need to take into account a number of limited spatial options. So, let’s look at six top tips to keep in mind when undertaking any such renovation.

What is the Goal?
You will first need to decide why you are renovating your kitchen. Do you wish to enjoy a walk-in bar or are you looking for more cooking space? Determining your motivations will shape your approach.

Scaling Down Your Largest Items
It is more economical to downsize the dimensions of larger units such as refrigerators and dishwashers. It will save you a great deal of space and if you are a single individual or even a small family, it is likely that scaling down will cause little to no inconvenience whatsoever.

Exterior Light
One of the best ways to open up a small kitchen is to install a large window which allows ample light to enter. No additional space need be sacrificed and the whole household can enjoy that bit of extra natural light.

The Illusion of Space
Floors that exhibit tiles of larger dimensions are surprisingly an excellent way of providing an illusion that the entire area is larger. These could make all the difference in small areas.

Choose Colours Wisely
Lighter colours in regards to walls, counters and cabinetry will provide an open-air appeal in a diminutive kitchen. Some common shades include white, beige and muted pastels.

Take Advantage of Deep Cabinets
When possible, install do-it-yourself cabinetry that can enable you to store smaller appliances such as juicers, blenders and toasters. You will be surprised to learn just how much space can be saved with simple steps such as this one.

These are six easy and efficient tips to follow when refurbishing a small kitchen. Never forget that perceived space is just as much of an aesthetic appearance as it is a physical reality!

The Advantages of using a Wait and Load Service


Wait and load is the alternative to traditional skip hire for removing waste, particularly rubbish created by building works. There are a number of reasons why this service has been developed but some of the main issues are those caused by parking restrictions and a lack of space in urban areas.

Hiring a skip for use in an area where there are parking restrictions will usually require permits from the council, a charge for the permit, and the risk of inconveniencing neighbours. This is where wait and load comes into its own. The service can be booked for a time that is convenient, the vehicle arrives and the rubbish is quickly loaded, then the street is clear again in a relatively short time, with no need for council permission.


Another issue with skip hire is the risk of fly-tipping, which fills up the skip with other peoples rubbish. As charges for waste removal escalate, particularly where it is destined for landfill, so unattended skips become more attractive for criminals looking to dispose of rubbish without payment. Sometimes this might include hazardous waste, which leaves the person hiring the skip with an expensive headache to deal with.

Other benefits that come with using a wait and load service include the flexibility. Skips hold a fixed amount of waste and do not take into account the size of the job in hand. Lorries can hold as much as the equivalent of three skips, which saves the time taken while waiting for individual loads to be taken away.

One final benefit of using wait and load is that companies (like us of course) will often be involved in recycling. Separating out what can be reused keeps costs down and makes savings that can be passed onto you.

5 Ways to Maximise Your Garage Space


Compared to other parts of your property, the garage can be a place that often falls victim to clutter, or just seems too cramped to work in comfortably. But, there are a number of ways that space in your garage can be maximised.

Declutter Your Garage

As a garage is not somewhere that you actually live in, its easy for clutter to build up over the years. When sorting out your garage be systematic. Tools should be in one pile, sport-related items in another, etc. Select the most important items in each pile first, and then gradually sift through everything else. Do you really need that badminton racket you bought on a whim, but are never likely to use? Do you really need so many saws, especially the ones that are rusty? It’s not unusual to want to hang onto things for sentimental reasons, but sometimes things just have to go. You should make a separate pile for what items you want to keep, what can be skipped away, and what can be recycled/donated.

Make Use Of Storage

Wall units, shelving, and racking can all be used in a garage to free up space and make your garage more tidy. They’ll also make things easier to find when you need them.

Recycle Regularly

You may be someone who recycles items in your garage, but not on a regular basis. By getting in the routine of recycling every week, or fortnight, you will soon notice how much more space you then have in your garage.

Convert Your Garage

If you need more space indoors, and you don’t want to move, then one solution is to convert your garage. Doing so can also improve the value of your property. Though you’ll need to be realistic about whether you can afford a garage conversion, in terms of living space, the benefits for the whole family will be significant.

Hold A Garage Sale

A garage sale can include items actually from your garage. If you have enough unwanted items in good condition you can then benefit financially from having a clear-out.