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When to Know if a Maxi Skip is Right for You

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Are you renovating your kitchen? Working on an extension? Or simply having a massive spring clean? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you could benefit from hiring a skip. Skip hire will save you the hassle of making multiple runs to the nearest rubbish disposal site. They will keep the waste safely contained, plus they can be extremely cost effective. But what’s this we hear? ‘With so many different types of skips available to hire it can be tough to know what one to choose’? Well help is at hand! We reveal how to know when a maxi skip is right for you.

Furniture Disposal

When you need to get rid of large furniture items, like tables and dining chairs, old sofas and bed frames then a maxi skip makes an ideal choice of skip. They are also great for holding other bulky household items that you want to dispose of.

Office Clearance

Giving your office a bit of a spruce up? Ooh fancy! Office clearances can definitely benefit from the use of a maxi skip. With two different sizes to choose from, you can easily deal with all that office tat you’ve been wanting to get rid of for ages, ready for all that shiny new equipment.

Construction Waste

If you are renovating your home, building an extension or knocking down walls, you will obviously be left with a large amount of construction waste. A maxi skip will be able to safely hold all of your waste until it is ready for collection.

There are two different sized maxi skips available to hire, one 14 cubic yards and the other 16 cubic yards. If you don’t feel like a maxi skip is for you then you can also look into hiring a mini skip, midi skip, small skip, medium skip or a wait and load skip. If you are still unsure as to what type of skip you need don’t hesitate to give us a ring on 03000 309 978. We’ve got plenty of specialists who are more than happy to help you with any of your skip based queries.

5 Ways to Cut The Clutter in Your Home

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Are you a hoarder? Broken furniture, empty paint cans, old bike frames and newspapers in your garage or shed? Cupboards full of the kids last year’s toys, and bric-a-brac? The loft crammed with old pictures, bed linen and curtains? Eventually, with bedroom ceilings drooping, cupboards bulging and a shed and garage you can’t get into, something has to be done.

Here are 5 ways to help Cut the Clutter in Your Home.

1. Firstly, will-power is required. Little point in going through everything in the loft then, when you get to the end, noticing you have two items that can go, and a hundred you might need. The object is to have the figures the other way round.

2. Tip each box or bin-liner out. You’re not going to use them again so the options are; they are going to the charity shop, car boot sale, or out. Re-store the one bag you are bound to keep, and move the rest down stairs. You could put them in the garage, but if you’re that crammed, that’s probably overflowing anyway.

3. When it comes to the kids bedrooms it’s best to tackle these when they are out. Toys they haven’t played with for over twelve months will be their favourite toy – when they realise it’s being thrown out. Pack any good, but unused toys into boxes. Again charity shops will be grateful for the contribution. Or box them ready for the car boot sale and let the kids keep whatever they make.

4. Already things are looking less cluttered. Move the furniture around in the bedrooms. Arrange a few toys on top of cupboards, and unit tops which were previously full of junk. Time to get a builders skip in. All the broken furniture, pieces of timber, old frames, newspapers, and general rubbish in garage and shed, along with those boxes already sorted, can begin to go in the skip.

5. Finally, before the skip goes, have a tidy up in shed and garage. Put up some boards holding hooks for tools and garden rakes, forks, and spades. Then final sweep through, before contacting your local skip company. Stand back and admire. You’ll wish you’d done it months ago.