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7 Gleaming Spring Cleaning Tips


As soon as the sun begins to peep through and the days begin to get longer most of us have the urge to slough off the last vestiges of winter and welcome in the spring, so why not indulge in a spring-cleaning session that will make your home sparkle?
1. Nothing says ‘Welcome home’ like a shining front door. Wash away any mud splashes that have accumulated through the winter months and give metal fittings a good polish. If your step or porch has a tiled finish, give it a fresh coat of paint or polish to keep it looking good. Either give your doormat a really vigorous shake or treat yourself to a new one to complete the look.

2. If there is any chance of seeing some sunshine, make sure you welcome it in with clean, sparkling windows! After washing, try buffing with newspaper for a streak-free shine!

3. If reorganising the kitchen in one go is either too daunting or you just don’t have the time, list the individual tasks (even the small ones) and do them when you get the chance. You may be able to tidy a drawer when waiting for the kettle to boil or wipe down the paintwork as the dinner cooks, for example. And it’s SO satisfying ticking off that list!

4. Stinky sinks can be sorted by using a preparatory drain unblocker, then get rid of lime scale marks on chrome with white vinegar and buff to a shining finish!

5. Hire a carpet cleaner or get the professionals in to do the job. Your floors will look brighter and your home will smell fresher, too.

6. Declutter your wardrobe and send unwanted clothes to the charity shop. You’ll have more space for the garments you love and help a good cause as well! Hanging a scented sachet will give your cupboards a wonderful burst of springtime freshness, too.

7. Assess each room as if you were seeing it for the first time: what looks good and what lets it down? Tidying away clutter and maybe moving the furniture can make the place look and feel a lot better.

These are just a few tips to help get your great spring clean underway, so roll up your sleeves and get stuck in! Remember to treat yourself to a vaseful of bright spring flowers to welcome in the new season and cheer you on as you go about your chores!