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Cost Effective Home Renovation Ideas



Four Cost Effective Home Renovation Ideas

Is your home in deperate need of a design update, but you simply don’t have the money to shell out for a pricey ronnovation? Fear not! There are a few adjustments that you can do on a small budget to make a big differnce. We reveal four simple and cost effective home rennovation ideas.

Replace Your Front Door

They say that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, which is why it is so important to have the exterior of your home looking as beautiful as possible. One way to do this is to replace your front door. Invest in a modern new design, and you’ll instantly transform the front of your home. If you’re on a very tight budget, then a fresh coat of paint and a few colourful hanging plants can make all the difference too.

Kitchen Tiles

Don’t have the fund for a full kitchen renovation? No problem, you can update your kitchen from drab to dreamy by installing some cost-effective kitchen tiles. Choose tiles that add a bright pop of colour to the space to add a pretty focal point to the heart of your home. You can install tiles behind the cooking area so they double up as a practical splashbac. There is a range of affordable tiles on the market, and you can even learn how to affix them yourself without having to employ a proffesioanl handyman.

Soft Furnishings

While a new sofa can set you back some hard earned cash, you can update your living troom by introducing some new soft furnishings into it. Incorporate some cushions that complement the decor of the room for a cheap and quick makeover. Sofa throws will disguise sofas that are a little dated, while a soft rug can make the space much more inviting.

Stair Runner

Stair runners are a big hit with designers around the world, as they provide an on-trend way to spruce up your staircase. Choose bright colours, or striped stair runners to really add some stylish flair to your stairs. Super thrifty homeoweners can even create homemade stair runners using fabric and a sewing machine.

Incorporate one or more of the above features into your home, and you will be sure to add a little extra pizzazz to your living spaces.

Top Tips to help You Recycle More Around Your Home

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Top Tips to Help You Recycle More Around Your Home

There are many ways to improve recycling around your home and the good news is that they don’t have to cost anything and can even save you money! Follow these top tips and start reducing your landfill contribution today!

Recycle Outside
Plastic, glass, paper and card are all recyclable and Councils across the country provide the facility for all these as well as a number of other materials. Check with your Local Authority if you are unsure what collections are in place for your area and find out what can be recycled at your local tip. Remember there are charges for certain types of waste so check for those.

Recycle Inside
Put a large container or bag somewhere accessible into which you can sort your recyclable items and decant into your recycle bins when full. Rinse out any bottles and jars to prevent smells and bacteria accumulating. Get the kids to help sort the different items into categories and see if you can increase the amount you recycle each month.

Home Composting
Food bins are great for separating food waste from other rubbish, but how much of that could be turned into fabulous compost for your garden? There are many affordable composters available or you could construct your own. Egg shells, paper and even thin card can all go into the compost bin but make sure paper is shredded and that a good balance of ingredients is included in the mix. Fruit and vegetable peelings are ideal as they breakdown efficiently and add vital nutrients and minerals into the compost, creating a quality source of nutrition for your plants. It will save on garden centre costs, plus the bags in which compost is sold cannot usually be recycled.

Think twice before throwing out old furniture and soft furnishings. A lick of paint can transform wooden furniture to match a new colour scheme, while cupboards, chairs and tables can be sanded down and repainted to create a trendy shabby-chic look. Re-upholstering pillows and cushions will create a whole new look for your home and instead of chucking out old curtains, use the material for cushion covers or even pet beds! Fairy lights inside jam jars make pretty garden lighting and old stone flower pots can be decorated to become attractive storage pots.
Many discarded items can be revamped or re-used, so think before you throw!

Things to know about our Wait and Load Skip Hire Serive


Things to know about our Wait and Load Skip Hire Service

Waste disposal is a major role that anyone, either a business or otherwise, must take care of. One of the biggest challenges in handling waste disposal is finding the right means to transport the waste to a designated destination. Many companies that offer such services do not operate within certain regions or their charges are too high for many people. This is something that has come to our attention leading to our resolve to revolutionize wait and load services within your area.

Our wait and load service is perfect and made to fit within the legal system. Even where the city has made restrictions on placing a skip, we are able to salvage the situation by coming to your rescue whenever you need to dispose your waste.

Whether it is for domestic or commercial waste removal, you are able to avoid the difficulties that come with access limitation and the costs of acquiring council permits as well as parking charges. We have lorries for this work and they can hold more than three skip loads. We collect all types of waste including bulky items, wood and concrete, plastics general and industrial waste materials.

If you have an ongoing project, we can help you in waste clearance for the whole period your project will be on, until completion. You can then sign up for more services that will be offered periodically depending on the capacity you would like cleared.

Once the waste is cleared and transported to the designated location, it is passed through different recycling series. We are conscious about keeping the environment clean, so we take it upon us to recycle waste that could lead to pollution and littering. Making the process cost-effective and Eco-friendly has helped us to also offer friendly rates to our customers in different regions.