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10 cheap ways to spruce up your garden this Summer


Summer is virtually on our doorsteps and suddenly we all realise that our ambitious plans for the perfect garden somehow never quite got realised, and all our spare money is going on that glorious Summer holiday we’ve looked forward to since the last one. So how to make your garden into the perfect seasonal haven of peace and pleasure without spending time and money that you don’t have? We’ve found ten of the best that will transform your garden on the tiniest of budgets.

Rescue Plants
Every garden centre has a section of old and unloved plants- I call them the rescue plants- that are going for a song. A little time and care will rejuvenate them, and they will repay it by livening up your garden virtually overnight.

Original Pots

Make EVERYTHING into a pot! We’ve all been impressed by the original pots featured in lifestyle magazines; the wellingtons and bicycles filled with flowers, or paint cans with courgettes spilling out. Let your imagination run riot- don’t throw anything away before asking yourself what you could plant in it.

The Joy Of Pallets

With basic woodworking skills, a little time, and a lot of imagination, you can make virtually anything out of free pallets- from sheds to benches to decking.

Weed It

The simplest, cheapest, most effective sprucing your garden can have. Weed it, prune it, trim it. And while you’re at it…

Give It A Good Wash

Paths, decking, fences, even bins. A sparkling clean garden looks brand new and costs nothing.


Look at what’s being given away locally. Freecycle and similar schemes often have trampolines, garden furniture, or plants to give away.

Plant Swap

When you find you’ve over-sown courgettes and your neighbour’s thinning out radishes the solution for you both is obvious.

Make A Children’s Pool House

A paddling pool is a great idea- in a different country where it never rains and there are no wasps. Take the old play tent and the old paddling pool and combine. One deluxe pool house ( and your lawn will stay a little less soggy!)


Take your old leftover paint and go wild. Paint the fence, the pots, the rocks. Anything.

Look At Lighting

A pack of tealights can be picked up from a pound shop and will transform your evening garden. Old jars, washed out tins, pebble cairns- the possibilities for exciting garden lighting are endless.

Recycling tips this Summer

Recycling tips
As summer approaches, many of us start to appreciate the environment around us more and more. Warmer, sunnier weather offers many opportunities, from outdoor play for adults and children alike, to well-earned relaxation. However, in order to take care of nature and protect our environment for many years and even generations to come, it’s important to reduce, re-use and recycle, to do our bit against pollution and landfill. If this sounds like a daunting task, try not to worry, as it isn’t! There are many recycling tips and tricks that you can adopt at home easily and conveniently.
The first step towards cutting down on waste is an early one: try not to buy items which you will not use. One simple way to accomplish this with food is to not go shopping when hungry! Planning meals ahead, writing shopping lists, and freezing leftovers or meals cooked in bulk in an energy-efficient freezer, will also help to reduce food wastage. Your bank balance will appreciate all of this too; British households currently throw away around twelve billion pounds’ worth of food each year. After you’ve eaten, consider using a composting kit to turn vegetable peelings into plant food.
It’s also possible to re-purpose items, rather than throwing them away. Take clothes, for example; an old pair of jeans can find a new lease of life as a cute skirt, whilst scrap fabric can be used for patchwork quilts or brooches. Consider asking friends whether they’d like to swop items, or alternatively, charity shops are always appreciative of shoes, clothes and accessories.
Finally, when an item is completely finished with, try to resist the temptation to throw it in the bin; approximately sixty percent of household waste can actually be recycled. This ranges from cardboard, which you can collect in a separate container and take to a recycling centre, or, in most areas, leave for bi-weekly council collection services, to old batteries, which can be deposited in labelled boxes at most supermarkets. Containers for glass bottles and metal cans can also be found in many retail locations, such as shopping centre car parks. You might even get a little money out of your unwanted items, as environmentally-responsible scrap metal merchants will be willing to pay for usable material, whilst mobile phone stores frequently offer trade-in options for broken or outdated handsets.
With so many possibilities, summer recycling has never been easier!


Why you should choose us?

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Need a skip? Choose us!

Need a skip in the Cardiff area? Whatever your needs, we pride ourselves on having the knowledge and equipment to ensure your skip experience is as stress-free as possible at a competitive price.

You may not know that as the person hiring the skip, you are legally responsible for its contents. That means if you are sharing a skip with your neighbour, whoever is named as the hirer is responsible. Skip hire legislation is a complex matter; we have the expertise to ensure you have the correct skip for your needs and make sure that your skip is collected and that you avoid any additional charges.

The most common skips we provide are for general waste. We also provide skips specifically for the following types of waste (including but not exclusive to): soil, rubble, paper, cardboard, metal and wood. We will also provide you with clear instructions on what can and can’t go in your skip. Did you know that you can’t throw the following items in the skip – batteries, electrical appliances, aerosols, solvents, mattresses or Japanese knotweed to name a few!

We have a multitude of skip sizes at our disposal (pun intended). Our smallest skips start at 4 cubic yards and are suitable for kitchen or bathroom refurbishments. We then have larger skips up to 16 cubic yard skips which can handle large scale office or home clearances. We have ‘builders skips’ for rubble, soil, stones and other construction waste. We also have a wide range of Roll-on, Roll-off skips ranging from 16-40 cubic yards; these are so large they would need to go in an off-road location.

A more convenient/cheaper option might be to hire one of our ‘grab hire’ lorries; our experienced drivers will remove your waste on the same day. If you are in a city centre with access limitations we also cater for that with our ‘wait and load’ service. We send a truck, you load your waste and we take it away, fuss-free.

In case you are wondering what happens to your waste, it is transported to a Waste Recycling Centre to be sorted and processed to maximise the amount of material recycled and diverted from landfill, so it is as environmentally friendly as possible.

You can have the skip for 7-14 days. If you need it for longer just let us know and we will see what we can do.