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Facts About Food Waste


Food waste has a critical impact upon our environment, and it’s estimated that between 30% and 50% of all food produced globally actually goes to waste. This is an eye opening fact, particularly when considering the numbers of malnourished and starving people in the world. In the UK, between 18 and 20 million tonnes of food is wasted each year. Putting this in perspective for UK households with kids, it amounts to about £60 of food waste each month, and giving a total of about £700 each year.

At least 50% of UK food waste is binned by householders, and at least half of this 7 million tonne total consists of food or drink that can be safely consumed. The main reasons so much food and drink is wasted from average households is because:

  • too much is prepared for each meal
  • it is not consumed by the “use by” dates

The remaining 50% of UK food waste is generated by manufacturers and retailers. Retailers contribute 1.6 million tonnes to the food waste tips, food manufacturers create 4.1 million tonnes of food waste, and restaurants add 3 million tonnes to food waste. Every tonne of food that’s wasted in the UK is responsible for creating 4.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Growers and suppliers of UK fruits and vegetables will reject between 20% and 40% of all products before they even reach retailers and markets.

Types of food wasted most include bread and cakes, fresh fruit and veggies, salads, and drinks. From an environmental perspective 10% of total greenhouse gas emissions from the UK are from food waste. Halting all global food waste would be as beneficial as taking 25% of the world’s cars off the road. What’s more food waste is reckoned to add up to 4% of the water footprint created by the UK, in addition to the above scary facts.

These facts and figures are frightening and a wake up call to UK businesses and householders. There is a little good news about food waste, however, since 2007 avoidable food waste has been reduced by more than 20%. This means that over one million tonnes of food has not ended up on UK rubbish tips.


A Guide to our Grab Hire Service


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If you’ve got a bulk quantity of waste to dispose of whether it’s from a big project you’re doing at home, or in a commercial capacity, it’s probably a skip which springs to mind as the solution. Skips are certainly popular and have their place, but there’s another option which not everyone knows about, and which can be a better alternative to a skip in some scenarios.

A Grab Hire Service is one where a specialised lorry simply comes to collect your bulky waste from its current location. The experienced driver safely takes care of the loading and removes the waste. This applies whether the waste is from a large domestic project, a commercial or construction project, or a highway project. The benefits over skip hire are that it’s cheaper, faster and the crane on the Grab Hire lorry can simply reach over obstructions such as fences and walls, which can prove tricky for skip access. Grab lorries can deal with a wide range of waste types, from top soil, hardcore, limestone and crushed concrete through to hazardous materials such as asbestos. If you’re unsure, you can ring up (03000 309 978) and receive some experienced advice on whether a Grab Lorry is suitable for your waste removal circumstances.

Just as with skips, there are different sizes of Grab Lorries, with capacities ranging from 9 to 18 tonnes of waste. All three sizes of Grab Lorry are 3.7 metres (12’2”) in height and 2.6 metres (8’7”) wide. The smallest lorry is the 4-wheel, which is 7.8 metres (25’7”) long. The next size up is the 6-wheel lorry, which is 8.1 metres (26’7”) long. Finally, the largest lorry is the 8-wheel which measures in at 9.1 metres (29’11”) in length.

After your waste has been removed, it’s taken to a Waste Recycling Centre for sorting and processing, to ensure that as much as possible is kept out of landfill. So you’re safe in the knowledge that you’ve done your best for the environment as well as your timescales and budget.

If a Grab Hire Service sounds like it will suit your needs, or even if you just have some questions, the next step is to enquire by ringing the Skip Company (based in Pontypool, Gwent) on 03000 309 978, emailing or visit our website at