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Save Money By Recycling Household Items

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White vinegar is a cheap alternative to all those expensive cleaning products. It is safe to use on most surfaces and, when diluted to a solution of 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water, it can be used to clean a number of areas. Use this water/vinegar solution to clean work surfaces and chopping boards and leave your windows clear and streak-free. It can even be used to clean your fridge and remove lingering odours. Mix up a stronger solution to target carpet stains or put a cupful through a dishwasher cycle to to keep it clean. You can even use it neat to wipe down your shower curtains. Don’t be concerned about the strong smell of the vinegar as it evaporates quickly.

Socks make a great alternative to dusters and a cheap chenille sock placed over an old dry floor sweeper will give it new life. When it’s dirty, simply wash the sock and you’re ready to re-use!

If you’re still throwing away fruit and vegetable pulp from juicers, consider using it in other dishes. Vegetable pulp can be used to thicken soups and some vegetables, such as beetroot or carrot, work surprisingly well in cakes. As well as adding flavour, additions of fruit or vegetable pulp increase fibre and nutritional content in baked items such as bread or cakes. Likewise, fruit pulp makes a tasty treat of fruit leather by spreading it thinly over a baking tray and baking at a low heat. Alternatively, boil water and fruit pulp together, perhaps adding spices such as ginger or cinnamon. Cool the mixture and then strain the pulp to make a delicious fruity tea.

Fancy growing your own? There’s no need for expensive biodegradable seed pots when you can simply recycle cardboard items such as egg boxes and toilet rolls. Egg boxes make great containers for chitting potatoes and toilet rolls are just the right shape for sweet peas and runner beans. When you’re ready to plant out, simply pop the whole container in the ground and avoid disturbing your seedlings.

Why Hiring a Skip Makes it Easier for You!

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Whether you’re renovating a property, moving house, clearing out your office, or simply doing some spring cleaning, you’re more than likely going to have a lot of waste to dispose of. So, what’s the single most efficient and cost effective way to get that done? A way that isn’t remotely harmful to the environment? Hiring a skip is going to save you time and energy, and will ensure the completion of your project with the absolute minimum of fuss.

A cleaner way to save yourself time.

Hiring a skip means distancing yourself from any hazardous waste. It’s going to save you from having to transport any rubbish yourself, or perhaps hire a vehicle in order to do so. Once filled, the skip will be picked up, the waste inside disposed of by trained professionals. In short, have someone else do the worrying for you, so you can concentrate fully on the job in hand.

An easy way to improve safety.

Any renovation or building project is going to mean dealing with a range of different elements: from glass to metal to cement. To have materials like these spread around even a small work-site can cause genuine safety concerns, but the hiring of a skip immediately offsets any such issue. A skip means all manner of waste can be stored safely and securely, and, as such, it will help prevent injury. It also means keeping the work-site clean and organized, and so running more effectively.

Great for the environment.

Hiring a skip means all the waste inside it is sorted and disposed of in the proper and legal way. Having a team of professionals sort through the contents of your skip means you won’t have to worry about recycling. That’ll be taken care of for you, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you’re being as environmentally sound as you need to be.

So, all-in-all, we think you’ll agree the advantages of hiring a skip far outweigh any disadvantages. It’s economical, green, and, ultimately, will free you up, allowing you to focus on completing your project in a timely and efficient manner.