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Benefits of Hiring a Skip

Cleaning out your belongings after an overdue house cleaning? Or are you just sick of looking at that space consuming waste out your back garden? Either way this waste must be dealt with, but where will you put it? Easy, hire a skip. It’s that simple. It’s easier than ever to have your home looking like you just moved in!

Save money and time
Saving time and money is a pretty good reason to hire a skip if you ask us. But if that’s not enough it also saves you a lot of effort too. Without a skip companies help it’s on you to dispose the rubbish by yourself correctly following all the rules and regulations of waste disposal. Hiring a skip is the easiest and most cost-effective way of rubbish removal out there!

It Keeps You Safe
Filling the rubbish into the bins yourself can put you at risk of hurting yourself, especially if your transporting heavy waste. Plastic bags can contain broken glass and can injure you quite badly if not done correctly. Lifting heavy waste can lead to back problems too! Hiring a skip can make the whole process easier and safer as the disposal and handling of the waste is not your problem. Skip hire companies know how to properly handle and dispose the waste by following all the necessary measures.

It’s Great for the Environment and Wildlife
Not only can hiring a skip protect you it can also protect the environment. All skip hiring companies in the UK have the responsibility to manage the waste they collect in a safe and responsible manner. The skip hiring companies know how to manage and dispose the waste in a green and clean process. This can not only help the environment with global warming but also help keep animals and wildlife safer.
Makes Building Sites Safer
In the case of working at a building site, whether it be building a 50 unit apartment block or simply a single-story home, the need for space and safety is the same. On a construction site there are tons of hazards such as glass, packaging, materials that have been stripped and aren’t going to be used like old rotting wood or rusted pipes. It is crucial to keep the work space as safe as possible to avoid injuries and allow efficient working. Hiring a skip ensures greater safety for you and all the workers on the site. Hiring a skip can drastically decrease your risk to crucial or even fatal injuries on the job! These are the reasons almost all construction sites now treat hiring a skip as a necessity before beginning to work.

Varied in Sizes
There is a huge variety of skips available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. This makes hiring a skip for your specific job easier than ever. If you just want to dispose of a broken dishwasher, are planning on building a small shed out your back garden or any other small project for that matter, then a mini skip fits your needs perfectly. However, if you expect the amount of waste to be considerably more, then you might be more interested in the 40-yard roll-on roll-off available at most skip hiring companies. Every size in between are as follows:

As the name suggest it’s the medium size skip perfect for medium sized jobs. There about 4 to 5 yards in length and can fit perfectly in your front driveway.

Larger than the midi skips coming in at about 6 to 8 yards. This is the preferred skip size for those carrying out home improvement projects.

This skip is large in size but still holds the shape of a regular skip bin. It’s available in sizes starting at 10 yards, and up to 18 yards in capacity. This size is commonly used for commercial sites and large residential projects.

Why Hire A Skip For The Summer

The summer is an ideal time to tackle some of the jobs that have been accumulating around your home and garden. All too often, though, we procrastinate and delay. One of the most common reasons for not getting on with that major DIY project or garden redesign is down to worries about what to do with the inevitable debris and rubbish. With local authorities rightly cracking down on how much refuse can be taken to a municipal dump, it can be difficult to think of an alternative. This is where a skip can really help. Delivered to your door at a date of your choosing, it will be taken away again at the end of an agreed period of time and you won’t have to think any more about what happens to its contents.

Why not consider a skip to help with one of the following projects?

Garden Maintenance
Perhaps you have old or rotting decking that you’d like to replace. That can mean a lot of wood to dispose of but a skip will make the job far easier. Mending fencing, particularly if there are fence posts to be disposed of, is another task where a skip can come in handy.

Sheds, Outhouses and Garages
It’s all too easy for sheds, outhouses and garages to become repositories for all those items that “might come in handy one day” or that no-one is quite ready to throw away. The arrival of better weather is a good time to tackle the issue head-on and sort out what you really need to keep and what you can get rid of.

DIY Projects And Home Renovations
Even the smallest bathroom refit tends to generate a fair amount of rubble and disposing of it can be tricky if you’re relying on a car. Larger projects create larger rubbish disposal problems. A skip is the obvious solution.

What Size Skip?
A good skip company will have a variety of differently sized skips for customers to choose. The smallest are ideal for small or medium-sized garden clearances. Larger gardens or kitchen or bathroom refits might call for a slightly bigger skip. Bigger projects, such as an entire house renovation or a large landscaping project might necessitate an even more capacious skip. Some skips come with a drop door, which allows the user to wheel their rubbish straight inside. If you’re unsure what size or type of skip is right for you, talk to your local skip company. Their advice is likely to depend on the type and size of project.

Is There Anything That Can’t Go In A Skip?
Yes, just as there are some items that cannot be disposed of in your general household refuse or at the tip, there are certain things that must not go in a skip. Your skip hire company can provide more detailed and specific advice but prohibited items include batteries, paint and paint tins, oil, petrol, diesel, asbestos, solvents, fridges and freezers, televisions and computer screens, air conditioning units and any hazardous or toxic material.