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‘Out with the Old in with the New’ – Skip Hire for Christmas

Everybody loves Christmas, but there is one thing that no one loves: cleaning up that large amount of waste generated from the holiday season. Disposing of it is very important. If you have seasonal rubbish still languishing, you should take advantage of a reliable skip hire to avoid causing any negative impact on your local environment.

Negative Impact Christmas Rubbish Can Cause

Normally, the number of trees, Christmas cards and wrapping paper are purchased in their millions all over the world, and the United Kingdom is no different. This includes the large presents that no one wants. You can take advantage of skip hire to cart it off so that it will be disposed of properly.

All traditional Christmas features have one thing in common, which is harvesting of trees. For example, it takes around 300,000 trees to supply the United States with Christmas cards every year. Statistics from 2014 suggest that a total of 6 million trees were purchased in the United Kingdom for the holiday season. However, cutting down the trees to prop up in homes for a few days is not beneficial for the environment.

Chopping down the trees to turn them into decorations, wrapping paper and cards has a negative impact on the ecosystems worldwide. Cutting groves of trees down means that less oxygen will be produced in these areas. Also, since greenery loves sucking up Carbon dioxide, it’s evident that chopping trees down is not good for the environment.

You could be thinking that plastic, artificial trees are a great alternative because they can be reused. You should remember that they are made from different plastics that cause lots of environmental damage when produced (plastic is made utilising petrol plus other products).

Moreover, keep in mind the amount of glass that’ll have to be recycled. Everyone likes taking a drink at this time of year, but this leaves lots of glass that needs proper disposal or collection. It doesn’t look good celebrating Christmas with your family and friends only to find your street is covered in debris and glass. This sort of defeats the holiday’s message.


The solution is just the same as disposing of other waste streams found in the modern world: you should recycle. For instance, if you were to throw your plastic, artificial tree down the dump, it will sit here and barely decompose. While it’s doing this, the tree will release emissions of up to 40 kilograms of greenhouse gas into the air. Usually, a natural tree can release 16 kilograms, but you can just stop this altogether by simply recycling it.

Recycled trees can be composted, or they can be turned into wood chips that have numerous applications for agricultural and commercial sectors. They can also be used as lions chew toys in zoos. Recycling wrapping paper, cards and glass also have the same outcome, all while cutting down on dangerous greenhouses gasses. Hiring a skip to get rid of the leftover bulky Christmas waste is essential as you will be doing your part for a greener Britain.

Why You Should Hire a Skip This Christmas

Out with the Old

After 25th December, the average household will be packed with presents. That means space can quickly become scarce. You should resist the urge of stocking your loft and jam-packing your cupboards with items you’ll never use again. You should instead hire a skip and get rid of these items at once.

Free up Much-Needed Space

In addition to the extra items that you’ll be bringing into your home this winter, you’ll also be welcoming many guests over this festive season. Do not have any unwanted item taking up valuable space, instead, you can hire a skip and get rid of them.

Do Not Keep Items Without a Good Reason

After retrieving your Christmas decorations from your loft this year, you should think about what items you can and cannot live without. There’s no need of keeping that set of fairy lights for the sake of it. You should scrap everything that you don’t need anymore. Since they will be a lot, it is worth hiring a skip.

Principle Issues when Hiring a Skip over Christmas

Most skip hire companies close for a certain period around the Christmas break. Therefore, you might find it hard getting a skip for the specific dates you want. However, they are some skip companies that offer nationwide skip hire service, meaning that they can find someone to help you on the dates you prefer at a reasonable price.

Also, if you want to leave a skip on the road (this does not apply to you if you have an off-street area or a driveway), you should keep in mind that many local authorities have special restrictions during the holiday season when it comes to placing skips on the highway. If you live close to a town centre or in a big city, this can be a problem. These restrictions always vary from place to place. This is where skip companies come in, they can help you find all the information you need when planning your skip hire this Christmas.


The Reason Why a Skip Hire is Worth While

Getting rid of rubbish is not a simple task, especially when you are living in urban centres where there are rules to follow. Luckily, there is an excellent solution to this problem. The Skip Company are there to offer waste removal services for both commercial and residential applications. Here are the main reasons why a skip hire is worthwhile:

Make Building Sites Safe

If the waste you are planning to dispose of is from the building that you are currently constructing, then looking for the services of a skip hire is the best option. The Skip Company will be in the position to keep your site safe as you proceed with the construction process. It is normal for a construction site to have large amounts of waste that originate from cement, leftover glasses or metal.

These waste materials are dangerous to you and your construction workers since they can easily cause injuries if not disposed of properly. Hiring skips will help you get rid of the waste materials, providing you with the much-needed safety. It will also minimise injuries that might originate from the rubbish since the company knows how to handle the waste. The company will be able to take appropriate measures hygienically making your building site safe.

Saves Money, Time and Efforts

The Skip Company provides the easiest, fastest, and cost-effective way of dealing with waste removal. We have professionals who understand their job and will be able to handle it for you.

First of all, you will not waste or spend your time transporting the rubbish to the nearest disposal depot. Also, you will not be obligated to spend or invest in additional investment or a track needed for transporting the waste. The Skip Company will also be able to save your effort on handling the waste since all you need is to fill the bins with the rubbish.

Skips Come in Different Sizes

Skips come in various sizes, allowing you to handle or dispose of bulky waste materials such as kitchen chimney. Apart from the medium-sized and mini sized skips, there are also builder skips that are used specifically in construction sites. These are mainly used to eliminate excessive junk furniture and other large items from the site.

The Skip Company will also provide you with roll on and roll off skips which you can use for removing or transferring large sized garbage especially when you are in an industrial relocation process. You will also get maxi skips that are used when disposing of a substantive amount of waste. These services are cost-effective since they are much cheaper compared to roll on and roll off skips.

Environmentally Friendly

The Skip Company complies with the waste and disposal treatment rules and regulations that are in place. This makes it an environmentally friendly option for disposing of waste. We also have access to most recycling centers in the country where they can dispose of their waste in an environmentally friendly way rather than just dumping everything in the landfill.

Proper waste management will save your time as well as money and effort while protecting the environment. The Skip Company will provide you with proper and reasonable waste management. They usually take your waste to the depots where it is selected, and some of it sent for recycling. The proper treatment of rubbish is essential as it contributes to a cleaner and safer environment.

Provide Improved Job Efficiency

Skip hire companies provide the right tools to collect and dispose of the waste. Most of them provide skip bins of different sizes which suit different requirements. The different shapes and sizes of the skips available with the companies facilitate easy loading and transportation while improving the efficiency job efficiency. Some of the skips come with the wheels making them move easily as per the operator requires. Many skips also come with doors that keep the waste out of sight until they are disposed of.

Easy to Hire

The process of hiring a skip bin from the Skip Company is easy. You should understand that hiring skip is a simple and straightforward process compared to traditional waste disposal services.

This means that if you are currently looking for quick results when planning to get rid of your waste, then we are the way to go. You only need a quick online search; a few calls and you are good to go.