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How to Dispose of Paint

Assorted-color Paint BucketsAre you one of those people who have several paint cans stored away in your basement or garage? Worry not for you are not the only one. Many people find themselves in this situation after using paint during home renovations and most do not know what to do with what is left behind. The paint can end up causing damage to your interior décor when it spills or health issues when inhaled. Disposing of paint and paint cans is not a straightforward affair as you cannot pour it down the sink because it can block your drain or become an environmental hazard. In this article, you will get advice on how you can dispose of old paint and paint cans.


If you do not plan on reusing the paint again or have no more work for it, donating may be a wise idea. This will ensure that the product does not go to waste, and someone else also gets to renovate their home or complete a project that requires it – You can donate the paint to friends or family, charitable organisations or community groups.

Recycling Centers

Recycling centres will always know what to do with the paint without causing harm to the environment. If the paint is entirely out of use, take it to the recycling centre and they will be able to recycle it safely for you (Make sure to do it promptly as paint tends to harden when left in the tin unused for a long time).

Drying or Hardening the Paint

You can opt to leave the paint outside or in a well-ventilated room so that it can solidify. Once the paint has been hardened, you can dispose of it in the regular trash. However, oil-based or alkyd paints should not be left to dry as they emit dangerous fumes. Such paints should, therefore, be taken to the recycling centre.

Saving the Paint for Later

Some people may find it hard to throw the paint away or donate it. For such people, the only option would be to save the paint for later use. If you choose to keep the paint, make sure it is sealed correctly. Most paint brands can go up to 10 or 15 years without going bad.

Throw the Tins away

This can only be done when the tins are empty, and there is no paint left in them. If you still have paint in the tin, then you have to make sure you have eliminated it before disposing of the container. Paint cans cannot be thrown in a skip even when they are empty as they can still be hazardous to the environment. You can, however, recycle the cans.

Bottom Line

To avoid the hustles involved in figuring out what to do with leftover paint, it is always wise to make a reasonable estimation of how much paint you need to complete a particular project. This will help make sure that there is no leftover to fuss over.