Can Hardcore Go Into A Skip?

Most individuals living in the UK are familiar with skips. However, not everyone is familiar with what can go into the skip. For instance, most individuals are unaware of whether hardcore can go into a skip or not. Below we are going to discuss what hardcore is plus all the elements that can go into a skip.

Recycling Hardcore

Hardcore is a mass of solid materials that can not easily be degraded. Hardcore is made of low absorbency material. As a result, hardcore is used in creating bases for massive load-bearing floors such as driveways and garages. Hardcore consists of construction waste such as bricks, crushed rocks, rubble, or even quarry waste.
To most, hardcore cannot go into a skip since it’s considered non-recyclable. Nonetheless, this is generally not the case since most waste stations receive tones of stones and hardcore via their skips. In addition, hardcore can be recycled and reused by the construction industry
Once at the station, hardcore is separated from the other components in the skip, such as plastic. After that, both the hardcore and concrete materials are reduced in size for screening and removal of impurities. Later on, the hardcore is segregated and then transferred to an aggregate processing department. At the aggregate chambers, the hardcore is crushed to different grades to form reusable aggregate materials. Reused hardcore is essential in groundworks for either roads or driveways.

Advantages of Recycling Hardcore.

Foundations made of hardcore beds are not only durable but also resilient to pressure, thus offering quality support for buildings. With hardcore, your not only integral foundations but also offer well-drained foundations for buildings. Hardcore offers an economical means of construction. Unlike concrete, hardcore is cheaper hence saves on construction costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from Hardcore What Else Can Go into A Skip?

A skip can handle any litter except:

  • Electrical components, such as TVs/monitors.
  • Petroleum products such as Paint tins and Fuel cans.
  • Medical wastes, such as drugs and plasterboards.

What Are the Available Sizes of Skips?

Skips come in multiple sizes depending on your service provider. The minimum size of a skip is usually two yards and is suitable for small flat refurbishments. On the other hand, the maximum size of a skip is often 12 yards and is ideal for big clear out jobs. Construction sites that have vast bulks of hardcore can go for skips between 10 – 12 yards.

Where Does Hardcore Come From?

Hardcore is known to originate from two primary sources; these are either construction projects or demolition.

What forms of hardcore can be recycled?

Most recycling plants and waste disposal plants are known to recycle the following hardcore components, pavement slabs, bricks, tiles, and ceramic components, both concrete and demolition stone, among others.