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4 Reason to Hire a Skip this Summer

Summertime, when the DIY jobs can no longer be postponed or ignored. Hopefully, the warm and dry weather can give you just the right environment you need to get your jobs done. However, the weather is not the main reason people delay doing their DIY projects. The main reason is that they are unsure about what to do with the waste that is generated.
Hiring a skip, that is delivered to your door and then collected after you have finished, is the obvious and perfect solution. Here are the top 4 reasons you will need a skip this summer.

1. Garden Projects

Even if you are not completely renovating your garden, but you decide to do some replanting you should consider a skip. You can increase the natural light and open up once dark and dingy areas of your garden by cutting down or trimming trees and bushes. Large skips can include drop doors, which will help you keep the mess to a minimum. It may also be time for you to throw out old garden furniture or broken equipment, so go ahead and add it to the pile.

2. Clearing out Garages and Sheds

Sheds and garages are usually the storage place for items we think will come in handy one day but rarely do. Since the weather is getting better by the day, it could now be time to take on the storage issue head-on and create some usable space in your garden shed or garage. A skip will mean you can throw out anything you are unnecessarily hoarding and reclaim a feeling of organisation.

3. Garden Maintenance

Now that summer is here, it may be time to repair or replace any garden features you may have. This could be anything from water features, fences or tree houses. If you want to change rotting decking, you may be concerned about how you will dispose of the waste material. Hiring a skip gives you a place you can put any decaying wood or defunct materials, making it easier for you to restore or replace garden features.

4. Home Renovations

Bathroom and kitchen can often lead to more waste than can realistically be transported by car alone. Not only can using a car be unpractical in terms of frequent trips to the dump, but it will also leave your car a mess of dirty and muck. This is why hiring a skip for home renovations is one of the most common requests a hire company will receive. There are a range of skip sizes available to match the needs of your renovation. No job too big, no job too small.

There are the top 4 reasons you should hire a skip this summer. Now that the good weather is on the way, there is no reason to delay your DIY jobs. Time to get your tools out and book yourself a skip. Hiring a skip will make it easier for you and help your job go a lot smoother.

Skip Hire : Fence Panel Recycling

A fence is a big part of the exterior aesthetics of a property, so when it gets old or suffers damage, it’s only right to replace it. Installing a new fence can give your garden and compound the facelift it requires. What do you do with the old fence panels, though? Not many homeowners think about it, but it matters how you dispose of a damaged fence. Before you even buy those new fence panels, know what to do with the old ones.

Skip Hire

The easiest solution is to hire a skip to use for the disposal. Fence panels are cumbersome, which makes it challenging to transport them to recycling sites. With skip hire, you get a suitable container to keep the waste material and have a professional pick it up. Homeowners have a wide range of skips from which to select. You can easily find a skip that is enough for the volume that needs transporting. Another advantage of skip hire is that you can include any other rubbish that you might have lying around the place.

Peer-to-peer Recycling

One of the solutions that people have come up with to reduce waste is peer-to-peer recycling. Individuals pass on their unwanted and unused materials to people who might have use for it. For example, your old garden fence panels might come in handy for someone building a chicken coop or an artist who uses old wood in some pieces. Various websites make peer-to-peer recycling easy by connecting people with different needs. With that option, the person who wants the waste can arrange for pick up, so you don’t have to fret about it.

Bulk Council Pick-up

Fence panels result in bulk waste that the city council may not usually agree to collect. However, you can negotiate with the council for the bulk pick so that they can dispose of the wood properly. Bulk pick-ups cost more and are limited hence, the need to discuss it early. Remember to inform the council that the waste is treated wood because it requires a different kind of disposal.

Transport to the Tip

You can opt to take the waste to the local tip yourself. If you have a pickup, the take is not very complicated. You only have to gather the panels and transport them. Local tips usually take in green waste but confirm beforehand. Some tips might refuse to collect treated wood.

What to Avoid

Some homeowners replace their garden fences then leave the panels lying around. It is unsafe and only contributes to waste on your property. Dumping wood panels in the garden waste bin is not recommended either. Treated wood doesn’t rot like untreated wood. Don’t burn old fence panels to get rid of them. The air pollution that results from burning treated wood is just as harmful as the soil pollution from dumping it in regular rubbish.

Before taking down an old fence, decide on the most effective disposal method, depending on where you live and what you can afford. Skip hire is a stress-free way to eliminate waste without any major impact on the environment.

Don’t Skip Your Spring Clean

For years, spring cleaning has been a tradition that enables us to give our homes a new look in readiness for the enjoyable spring and summer seasons. Gardens are always unattractive after the winter months due to fallen leaves and unattended flowers beds. You can get your back yard into shape this spring by using skip hire services. Hiring a skip bin is a very efficient way of getting rid of waste in an environment-friendly manner. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a skip bin.

Cost Effective and Time-Saving

One benefit of hiring a skip bin is the reduction in fuel expenses and time taken to dispose of waste. You need to throw the trash into the container instead of putting it in the boot of your car and driving to the local rubbish tip. Skip bin companies deliver the bin to your premises and will also take the waste for disposal once it’s full. The elimination of trips to and from the rubbish tip will also significantly reduce the time taken for spring cleaning.

Environmental Friendly Way to Get Rid of Waste

Hiring a skip bin will also serve the interest of those who value our surroundings. Skip bin companies will ensure that you will dispose of your waste responsibly by preventing illegal waste dumps. Skip bin companies work professionally and will save you from getting into trouble due to non-adherence to local rules and regulations for disposal of waste. Always choose a company that follow these regulations accordingly.

Simple Way of Getting Rid of Waste

After winter, gardens are always full of fallen leaves and other waste that can add up into large volumes when collected. A simple way to deal with these large volumes of rubbish is to get help from a right skip bin hire company. These professionals also have varying bin sizes to choose from depending on the amounts of your waste. You can also use the internet to hire a skip bin company at the comfort of your home.

Saving on space

The use of skip bins will also help you save space in your back yard. Without a skip bin, one has to put waste into trash cans which occupy space at home. Trashcans placed inside the house, to hold waste from inside the house mainly the kitchen will sit on an area that could have you can use productively. Skip bin hire services will provide the right bin size and place it outside the house where you will dispose of all type of waste from home.

Why Hire A Skip For The Summer

The summer is an ideal time to tackle some of the jobs that have been accumulating around your home and garden. All too often, though, we procrastinate and delay. One of the most common reasons for not getting on with that major DIY project or garden redesign is down to worries about what to do with the inevitable debris and rubbish. With local authorities rightly cracking down on how much refuse can be taken to a municipal dump, it can be difficult to think of an alternative. This is where a skip can really help. Delivered to your door at a date of your choosing, it will be taken away again at the end of an agreed period of time and you won’t have to think any more about what happens to its contents.

Why not consider a skip to help with one of the following projects?

Garden Maintenance
Perhaps you have old or rotting decking that you’d like to replace. That can mean a lot of wood to dispose of but a skip will make the job far easier. Mending fencing, particularly if there are fence posts to be disposed of, is another task where a skip can come in handy.

Sheds, Outhouses and Garages
It’s all too easy for sheds, outhouses and garages to become repositories for all those items that “might come in handy one day” or that no-one is quite ready to throw away. The arrival of better weather is a good time to tackle the issue head-on and sort out what you really need to keep and what you can get rid of.

DIY Projects And Home Renovations
Even the smallest bathroom refit tends to generate a fair amount of rubble and disposing of it can be tricky if you’re relying on a car. Larger projects create larger rubbish disposal problems. A skip is the obvious solution.

What Size Skip?
A good skip company will have a variety of differently sized skips for customers to choose. The smallest are ideal for small or medium-sized garden clearances. Larger gardens or kitchen or bathroom refits might call for a slightly bigger skip. Bigger projects, such as an entire house renovation or a large landscaping project might necessitate an even more capacious skip. Some skips come with a drop door, which allows the user to wheel their rubbish straight inside. If you’re unsure what size or type of skip is right for you, talk to your local skip company. Their advice is likely to depend on the type and size of project.

Is There Anything That Can’t Go In A Skip?
Yes, just as there are some items that cannot be disposed of in your general household refuse or at the tip, there are certain things that must not go in a skip. Your skip hire company can provide more detailed and specific advice but prohibited items include batteries, paint and paint tins, oil, petrol, diesel, asbestos, solvents, fridges and freezers, televisions and computer screens, air conditioning units and any hazardous or toxic material.