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Prevent Fly Tipping By Hiring a Skip

Fly-tipping is the illegal deposit of waste onto land that doesn’t have a licence to accept that waste. Instead of using skips, tips or waste disposal companies, a fly tipper simply dump their waste in a spot where they hope they will not be seen. This might be on the street, neighbour’s garden or even often out in the countryside.

Effects of Fly-Tipping

Tipping a bag that’s full of rubbish, electrical items or mattress in the street makes an area look run down and ugly and also causes a local nuisance. Rotting food plus other materials can end up attracting droves of flies and enticing rodents to start collecting in the area. In fact, rats are a fairly common occurrence and tend to keep away from an area unless there is a ready supply of something they access and eat. As disease-carrying animals, rats are among the least-welcomed pests, and they can be very difficult to eliminate.

Fly-tipping can also involve several truckloads of demolition and construction waste being tipped on various types of land. It’s evident that uncontrolled illegal waste disposal is hazardous to the public, particularly if it contains toxic asbestos or materials. There might be a high risk of damage to soil quality and watercourses from the dumped waste.

Household goods may contain substances that are harmful and can kill a wild animal if they ingest them. Also, don’t forget about the strangulation and suffocation dangers of plastic. Additionally, larger items pose a risk to kids if they’re inadvertently left to play near them.

You can be prosecuted for fly-tipping since it’s regarded as a serious criminal offence. The courts have several powers available to them for tackling fly-tipping. This includes incarceration, large fines of up to 50,000-pound orders to pay costs plus an order to deny rights to any vehicle that’s used to commit this offence.

The Cost

Councils in England dealt with over 1 million incidences of fly-tipping were in 2016/17. The cost of clearing up that waste was more than 58 million pounds. This money comes from the local taxpayer.

That means members of the community abiding by the rules and paying their taxes are footing the bill for people who are looking for a free way of dumping their waste illegally. This amount of money that’s wasted to clear up fly-tipping is unbearable, and it can do better things in communities and reduce lots of pressure on the budget.

How Can I Help To Prevent Fly-Tipping?

The Environment Agency (EA) provides people with a 24-hour hotline for reporting fly tipping, or individuals can also report to the police. It is extremely crucial that you do not contribute to this problem yourself. Don’t fly-tip or litter, instead, you should hire a skip from professional companies.

It’s cheaper and more reliable, and all of your rubbish can be ethically disposed of quickly. Hiring a skip from professional companies will make sure that you do not have to fly-tip. Instead, you’ll rest easy knowing that your waste is dealt with in an ethical manner.

Reasons For Hiring a Skip

The process of clearing out waste products after an overdue ground cleaning procedure within your business or home may lead to the production of a significant amount of junk materials that should be properly disposed. Getting rid of all this junk is not an easy job especially if you happen to reside in the major cities where there are strict rules and regulations concerning waste disposal. The best solution to such situation is to hire a Skip. Skips offer waste removal solutions to both residential and industrial grounds.

Here are several reasons why you should hire skip services:

The process of re-vamping your home or business is likely to generate a huge amount of waste as a result of the numerous destruction taking place. Skip services allow all this waste to be gathered in one location during the renovating process in order for all waste to be disposed of quickly and efficiently.

House moving
Relocating to a new house is a relatively stressful activity. Packing, cleaning and the actual moving are all tedious activities involved in house moving. There is production of tonnes of junk and useless rubbish not required in your new home. Hiring a skip is the best solution to eliminate all this unwanted material. Skip services make the entire process of moving house very comfortable.

Ideal for garden waste
Cleaning activities should not only be done to your house but also to your garden. Shovelling up the soil, weeding, planting new leafage, cutting unwanted plants are all garden activities that may lead to the emission of much-unwanted garden waste. Bringing in a skip makes it easier and quicker to manage and eliminate all this waste from your garden.

Domestic spring cleaning
Every household requires an annual spring cleaning procedure which is necessary in order to remove any rubbish that may have accumulated within the house. Engaging a skip throughout the cleaning and disposing processes makes spring cleaning easy and free of wrangles. Skip is available in all types of sizes. Therefore, the household owner should select a skip that best suits the size of his/her house.

Convenient way for disposing of large items
Old furniture, tree branches and logs are all waste materials that need eliminating from your household. This large item usually consumes a lot of space hence a need to dispose them. There is no reason to worry about this vast issue since skip can handle them. Our skips are available in all sizes hence suitable for all kinds of waste materials.


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Reduce, Re-use and Recycle Waste

Reduce Reuse Recycle Stamp

Cutting down on household waste can save money and help preserve natural resources. By using the three R’s – reduce, re-use and recycle – you can help protect the environment by keeping your waste out of the landfill sites.

  • Reduce – When shopping, try to choose goods with minimal packaging. Also cut out junk mail by registering with the Mailing Preference Service.
  • Re-use – Don’t throw away goods just because they’re broken or out-of-date. Getting something fixed is often cheaper than buying a replacement! If you have something you no longer need, pass it on to a friend or donate it to a charity shop.
  • Recycle – Paper, plastics, glass and metal can all be recycled and turned into a new product.

Although making a few small changes may not seem like much on its own, each house in Britain making a cumulative effort to reduce its waste would have a huge effect on the amount of rubbish going to landfill sites – which is good news for the environment and your wallet!

The Facts About Food Waste

Energy Saving

When it comes to recycling, most of us like to do our bit for the environment. Yet, it might come as a surprise that a significant area of recycling that is overlooked is food waste. UK households fill landfills and damage the environment with roughly 7.2 million tonnes of mostly edible food every year – often fruit and salad.

The impact on the environment is massive: food waste releases greenhouse gases and Leachate, which causes groundwater pollution. Long-term, this will kill wildlife, cause food shortages and increase food costs. We already waste on average £50 a month with poor planning. That’s £50 a month that we pay out for food that we don’t even nibble!

All we need to do is plan our meals, watch portions, only buy what we need and recycle what is leftover. This will save £s, lbs and also help us to make a better world for future generations.