Renting a Skip is More Efficient than Going to the Tip

If you’re faced with the task of disposing of a large amount of waste from, say, a home renovation or garden landscaping project, your choice essentially boils down to renting a skip or transporting the rubbish to your local household waste recycling centre yourself. Renting a skip obviously costs money but, depending on the volume and type of waste you wish to dispose of, your physical distance from the tip and the transport you have available, is often the more cost-effective option.

A skip can be delivered directly to your premises, often at short notice, at a time to suit you and collected, equally promptly, when you’ve finished with it. Skips for domestic purposes typically range in size from 2 cubic yards, capable of holding 20 standard bin bags of waste, to 12 cubic yards, capable of holding 120 standard bin bags of waste. So, whatever you’re working on, you can dump general domestic and garden waste in one place. In doing so, you can avoid the manual labour involved in loading your own car or van with potentially dirty, dusty, heavy or smelly waste which, at best, will necessitate spring cleaning your vehicle when you’ve finished and, at worst, may do lasting damage to your interior trim and upholstery.

Of course, if you do decide to transport waste yourself, you’ll need to check the opening times of your local tip – which may be relatively short, creating long queues at peak periods – and, on arrival, unload your cargo and separate it by type. Indeed, you may also need to pay for the privilege of disposing of certain types of waste including, but not limited to, glass and plasterboard. If you have more waste than you can carry in a single trip to the tip, you’ll need to ferry back and forth multiple times, loading and unloading each time. If your local tip is some distance away, this process can be hugely laborious, time-consuming and expensive, in terms of fuel costs.

By contrast, if you hire a skip, you have access to a single collection point for domestic and garden waste on the doorstep of your premises, or as close to it as humanly possible. Any sorting will be performed by the skip hire company, after collection, so the only manual labour required, on your part, is to deposit waste into the skip as it is generated. No further work, transport or cost is involved, so it’s not too difficult to see why many people choose renting a skip as an easy, convenient and cost-effective method of waste disposal.