Skip Hire : Fence Panel Recycling

A fence is a big part of the exterior aesthetics of a property, so when it gets old or suffers damage, it’s only right to replace it. Installing a new fence can give your garden and compound the facelift it requires. What do you do with the old fence panels, though? Not many homeowners think about it, but it matters how you dispose of a damaged fence. Before you even buy those new fence panels, know what to do with the old ones.

Skip Hire

The easiest solution is to hire a skip to use for the disposal. Fence panels are cumbersome, which makes it challenging to transport them to recycling sites. With skip hire, you get a suitable container to keep the waste material and have a professional pick it up. Homeowners have a wide range of skips from which to select. You can easily find a skip that is enough for the volume that needs transporting. Another advantage of skip hire is that you can include any other rubbish that you might have lying around the place.

Peer-to-peer Recycling

One of the solutions that people have come up with to reduce waste is peer-to-peer recycling. Individuals pass on their unwanted and unused materials to people who might have use for it. For example, your old garden fence panels might come in handy for someone building a chicken coop or an artist who uses old wood in some pieces. Various websites make peer-to-peer recycling easy by connecting people with different needs. With that option, the person who wants the waste can arrange for pick up, so you don’t have to fret about it.

Bulk Council Pick-up

Fence panels result in bulk waste that the city council may not usually agree to collect. However, you can negotiate with the council for the bulk pick so that they can dispose of the wood properly. Bulk pick-ups cost more and are limited hence, the need to discuss it early. Remember to inform the council that the waste is treated wood because it requires a different kind of disposal.

Transport to the Tip

You can opt to take the waste to the local tip yourself. If you have a pickup, the take is not very complicated. You only have to gather the panels and transport them. Local tips usually take in green waste but confirm beforehand. Some tips might refuse to collect treated wood.

What to Avoid

Some homeowners replace their garden fences then leave the panels lying around. It is unsafe and only contributes to waste on your property. Dumping wood panels in the garden waste bin is not recommended either. Treated wood doesn’t rot like untreated wood. Don’t burn old fence panels to get rid of them. The air pollution that results from burning treated wood is just as harmful as the soil pollution from dumping it in regular rubbish.

Before taking down an old fence, decide on the most effective disposal method, depending on where you live and what you can afford. Skip hire is a stress-free way to eliminate waste without any major impact on the environment.