Start your New Year right with the help of a Skip Hire

The New Year often comes with plenty of sales, leading to homes becoming overrun with wastes and clutter that needs to be dealt with. You don’t have to wait until spring to do a big clean, you can do it today!

In this article, we will look at what you should do if you want to order your home and the best way of dealing with the waste after clearing it out.

Planning your cleanout

When preparing to go to war, plans are not important, but planning is essential. Although planning a home clear-out cannot be compared with preparing for battle, dealing with the waste in your home can however feel like a battle. When you’re ready to clear your home, you should first get a rough idea of the waste you’ll have to deal with in each room. Below are some main rooms you need to plan for clearing out:

Living room: Your living room is often the main victim of clutter and requires special attention. It’s recommended that if you have a possession that doesn’t spark joy in your life, dispose of it.

The kitchen: If one of your family members is an aspiring chef, it’s more than likely that the festive season was a busy time for them. However, they don’t need three or four of each utensil. Therefore, you should remove the half-eaten chocolate and clutter in your kitchen and get it looking neat and tidy again!

Bathrooms: Teens know the pain of unwrapping many Lynx gift sets every year, usually having some leftover from the previous year… Only keep perfumes, soaps and creams that you know will get used and maybe recycle or regift the rest.

Bedrooms: Bedrooms are often a common spot where you can find a build-up of clutter and needs careful attention to ensure it looks shipshape. If you have small kids, they can cause your bedrooms to have a mountain of plastic. This is the right time to get rid of those old toys and packaging that you do not need.

How to deal with the waste

The amount of waste produced during the festive season and the confusion over dates of household waste collection may result in an increase in cases related to fly-tipping in the weeks after this annual festival. One of the easiest, most responsible ways of dealing with the waste produced by a post-Xmas clear out is hiring a skip.

The Skip Company has a variety of skips available suitable for dealing with a range of clutter. We are licensed and equipped to dispose of different types of waste and we adhere to a strict policy of waste management, which means we recycle 90 per cent of the waste we collect and sort different waste into their set containers. Proper waste management will save you money, time and effort as well as protect the environment.