Step by Step Guide to Office Clearance


Clearing out your office can be a difficult task, especially when you don’t have a workstation and the timings are tight. Here are some things to consider when clearing out your office and how you can make it a smooth, hassle-free process.

Define the timeline

Before clearing your office, think about the time you will take to get the job done. It’s risky to plan an office clearance without even knowing how long it’s going to take or how long you have, you might end up not giving yourself enough time to finish the task. Knowing the exact time you have will make you understand how urgent your office clearance is. It is always good to clarify if the waste needs to be removed immediately or if the clearance will be an ongoing project.

Decide what is staying and going

When doing waste collection from your office, it’s essential to think through what you will and won’t dispose of. The items in your office may have important and confidential information. Therefore, you don’t want to risk someone finding your sensitive information after throwing it away or risk throwing something out that you really need.

Document what you will and won’t include in the waste disposal. Doing this will ensure that if the person overseeing the clearance project is not present for any reason, you’ll still know everything that’s supposed to take place, so you can’t plan enough in this case.

Sell off everything you can

Check what can be disposed of before looking for waste removal services. Think about the equipment and furniture that you can give away or sell to dispose of it. Your employees might want to take some storage units, desks or current office chairs and set up their home office. You can also donate the items that you do not need to one of the local non-profit organisations or charities. Most charities will pick the items you are donating themselves. This will save you money and time required to get rid of the waste yourself. Alternatively, you can sell-off or auction old equipment and furniture where appropriate. You can use the money that you have raised to reward your employees for helping you during the clearance project.

Pick a service

You can hire a skip then ask the company to handle your office clearance on-site, which will allow you to supervise the process and monitor everything that is happening. Also, the skip hire can be beneficial to your employees because they can throw away things that they don’t need during the process.

Adhere to regulations

If you’re disposing of any hazardous material, asbestos or equipment, it’s a requirement in some industries that you advise the Environment Agency (EA) of your plan. Feel free to ask your chosen skip hire services any questions if you need support and help on this.

Health and safety are vital, so before starting your project, you should do a full risk assessment and document every part of the process. This is important because if something happens, you will just check the plan and see what was agreed.