Unknown Skip Hire Facts

When you want to get rid of waste, skip hire is one of the most common solutions to consider. While it ensures effective waste management, there are some facts that many people do not know. Read on as we tackle them.

1) Skip hire can be used in a variety of projects
A common misconception is that skips are only used in construction sites. One of the reasons many people think this way is because of the extensive use of skips by builders. However, skips can be used for a variety of projects and especially at home as an effective waste management system.

2) Skips save on costs
Many people do not think much about the savings they make when they decide to choose skips. By seeking skip hire services, you will be saving a lot than when you decide to manually throw away your waste. These services can be especially useful when you have a lot of waste to get rid of, such as when you are clearing out your garden or doing major renovations in your home.

3) A permit is not required for skip hire
A common misconception is that a licence is needed for a skip. However, this is only true if you intend to place your skip on a public road, where you will be required to contact your local council for a permit. However, in most areas, skip hire companies are the ones responsible for applying for these licenses. There is no requirement for a license if the skip is on private land.

4) Not everything can go into the skip
Another common misconception is that one can put anything into a skip. However, regulations restrict putting hazardous or any harmful items into a skip. Some of the items not allowed include batteries, items containing asbestos, tires, fluorescent tubes, medical waste, paint tins and appliances among others.

5) Skip hire helps in environmental conservation
The waste that is collected either goes to incinerator, landfill or for recycling. Since most of the waste collected can be recycled, means that skips help in environmental conservation.

6) Skips come in different sizes
Depending on the amount of waste you want to dispose of, you can choose a size that fits your needs. For example, a construction site will require commercial-scale skips, that to what you may need at home.

7) Skip hire is not as expensive as most people think
A major misconception is that skip hire is expensive. However, skip hire is very affordable, and you will even be saving more than when you manually get rid of your waste.

8) It is not necessary to store a skip at your home
When you have less space or just do not want to store a skip in your home, you can seek to skip hire services that offer wait and load options. This means they will come, collect the waste and dispose of it. This is especially useful for those who have little or no space to store a skip.