When is My Skip Too Full?

Overfilling a skip can be dangerous to many people such as the public, the truck driver, people who are following the same route as the skip on the roads and the truck itself. The skip removal truck will have a weight limit that it can carry to dispose of your rubbish so it is safe to transport. It is against the law to move overfull skips most companies will not collect if it is overfull. Extra charges can also be applied when paying for your skip if it is over the level load.

How to Avoid Overfilling
There are many different ways you can avoid overfilling your skip. When hiring your skip, you need to be certain that you are ordering the correct size. There are a range of sizes to choose from. If you do not know the size you need, ask your local skip company for help and explain to them what sort of rubbish you need to dispose of and they will assist you. It is always best to buy a bigger size than what you think you would need, this will also avoid you from needing 2 skips. Sort your rubbish before throwing it into the skip. Most people think they can throw whatever they like into the skip when you can recycle. Green waste, also known as garden waste, can be recycled into your usual brown bin giving you more skip space.

What to Know When Hiring a Skip
When you hire a skip, you need to be prepared and know where the skip will go. It needs to be on flat, dry and stable land that is free from obstructions. This will make the skip easier to load and is important for your health and safety. When filling a skip, begin with heavy items and the lighter things on top, this is a much more efficient way of filling it.

Decrease Environmental Hazards 
When things fall out of a skip it always has a big impact on the environment. If it rains on the things that have fallen from the skip before they have been properly disposed of, it is possible that rain water can carry the rubbish to local rivers leading to bad contamination of natural water resources.

Health and Safety
Rubbish that falls from your skip will attract things such as flies, rats and other types of unpleasant critters. This can be extremely bad for your health because they carry bacteria and germs that cause diseases. Overfilling your skip is a massive safety risk. If you do not load it properly, heavy items can fall and accidentally hurt someone.

Never overfill a skip and always ensure you know what you are doing before hiring one.