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7 Tips For Clearing Out Clutter


Getting rid of clutter can be a rubbish job. Where do you begin? The good news is that with a little planning, you can reclaim your home. So roll up your sleeves, here’s some tips to get you started:

1. Where to start

Work from room to room getting rid of stuff that you no longer need. Put items in a heavy-duty bag or cardboard box marked with either donate, recycle, sell or toss.

2. Donate, recycle, sell or toss

* Donate: Take wearable clothes, footwear and workable household goods to a charity shop or fill a bag that comes through your door. Some charities will collect donations.

* Recycle: Household waste that can be recycled includes old computers, batteries, textiles, paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, cans and electrical appliances. Take them to your nearest recycle centre or put in your local authority recycle bin.

* Sell: You might make a bit of spare change selling items at a car boot sale or on an online site.

* Toss: If you have big items and a lot of them, you can hire a skip, get your local council or a private firm to collect them. There will be a charge, so do some research.

3. Clothes
Get rid of any clothes you’ve outgrown or haven’t worn for year. Store off-season clothes in suitcases or vacuum bags.

4. Sentimental stuff
If there are things you really don’t want to throw out, put them in a big box and store, so you aren’t tripping over them.

5. Toys and hobby stuff

Store toys or hobby items in boxes with lids. Put them away at the end of each day.

6. Food, medicines and DIY stuff

* Food: Get rid of food from your pantry and freezer that is out of date or damaged.

* Medicines: The NHS recommends never to throw unused or expired medicines in your rubbish bin or flush down the toilet where children can get them or they could get into the drinking water system. Take them to a pharmacy for safe disposal.

* DIY stuff: Partially used cans of paint and other flammable items should be disposed of following toxic waste instructions.

7. Paper

Toss unread newspapers and magazines, put photographs in albums or on your hard drive and put important paperwork in files or on your computer. If throwing out, shred anything with your personal details on.